APAPA Albany Chapter organized Internship Award Seminar on August 12, 2017.

The APAPA Internship Award Ceremony took place at the Albany Chinese Community Center, Saturday August 12th 2017. The ceremony served as the culmination for the government interns this past summer. Notable politicians, government officials, and APAPA members spoke at the Ceremony and bestowed words of wisdom and inspiration for the interns. The interns finished off the ceremony with a brief overview of what they had learned from their summer internships.

First to speak was NY Senator Jim Tedisco, he currently represents the 49th district of New York as well as serving in the New York assembly since 1983. He spoke highly of APAPA and the tremendous work it has done especially by providing these internships to get more young people especially of Asian descent into politics and civic participation. He also presented the interns with a NY senate citation for their work.

After to speak was Clifton Park Town Supervisor, Phil Barrett who praised his intern Chris for getting down to work right away, starting strong as well as ending his internship strongly with a thank you card. He advised that ending the internship with a strong lasting impression is just as important as making a good impression on the first day. Next Mary Rozak who serves as Director of Communications at the Albany County Executive Office, and who closely worked with one of the APAPA interns: Maida, spoke well of Maida’s hard work. Rozak also commented on the need for greater diversity in the political sphere and praised APAPA’s commitment towards this goal.

Jerry Liu and HP Wang, who serve as VP and President of APAPA respectively also gave some notes at the Ceremony, and awarded the interns with the APAPA internship award.

The first intern to present: Aaron spoke about his experience working in the Mayor’s office, and how gained a lot of experience that he felt he wouldn’t have been able to learn in the classroom at school. Some newfound skills included things such as answering calls on the spot with no prior instruction. Maida another intern who worked in the Albany Executive Office spoke on the various responsibilities she had to take on including attending meetings and organization. Intern Chris worked for Phil Barrett, interning in Clifton Park. He reflected on the skills he had gained as a high school intern with little previous work experience prior to the internship. Joy worked in Governor Cuomo’s office assisting the director of Women’s affairs, and worked a great deal on women’s issues.

The award ceremony was concluded by another presentation from Aaron who spoke about the intern’s trip to California for an International Leadership Conference in Berkeley. He spoke about invaluable it was to speak and be mentored by other Asian-Americans who serve as leaders in their communities. The group also had the opportunity to interact with and learn from not only other APAPA members from across the country but also international college students from China and Taiwan.

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