Internship Workshop 2017


JULY 29, 2017
Clifton Park library, Clifton Park, NY

APAPA Albany Chapter organized a Leadership Workshop on July 29, 2017 at Clifton Park Library.

Submitted by: Christopher Du

The leadership workshop on July 29th of 2017 took place at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library. The first of the speakers was Phil Barrett, the town supervisor of Clifton Park. His speaking portion consisted of two parts. He first talked about effective communication, specifically for verbal presentation in front of people. One of his major points was that when speaking for people you must make sure you can retain their attention. If you don’t keep your audience’s attention there is no way to convince them of anything. He suggests that a good way to do this is make sure you, one have a clear speaking voice, and two make sure to provide emphasis and change of tone into important ideas. Another tip he gave was to learn how to judge when to make short talk and when to get straight to the point. For each scenario, there are also individual skills to learn. To make short talk you have to be able to grasp what the person is like by using your surroundings. Being able to judge people quickly by their surroundings and the beginning of a conversation can help steer the conversation. On the flip side, in order to save both sides time you have to learn how to judge what both sides want, not just yourself. He also discussed the four social styles of effective communication by two psychologists David Merrill and Roger Reid: Analyticals, Drivers, Expressives and Amiables.The second topic he talked about was how to be involved in your community. In this segment he focused on how useful it is to one’s community to volunteer and also specific types of places to help others. A list of this included places like Captain, Youth Court, and schools.

The next speaker was the Saratoga county clerk, Craig Hayner. His presentation was on interviews for jobs. He talked about preparation and presentation when going in for an interview and even what to do afterwards. One of the most important things, he said, was that in order to seem professional and hard-working, one must prepare adequately. This includes researching the company’s goals and what they value in their workers. He then continues to talk about how one should act during the interview itself. It included lots of information: Coming at least 5-10 minutes early, brining a resume, don’t bring food or water, be relaxed, be friendly, and also not only answer questions but ask them yourself. His presentation was extremely helpful for younger people who had little job experience.

The workshop was complete after two short presentations by Yufeng Shi and HP Wang. Yufeng Shi presented on the importance of voter registration for Asian Americans and the APAPA. Then, HP wrapped up the presentations by talking about the Civic Leadership Forum that will be happening in the following months.